Meghan McNamee

Availability: By Appointment Only
Speciality: Psychic and Mediumship readings and Relaxation Massage










Welcome, my name is Meghan McNamee and I’d like to share a little bit about myself.

My story starts 2 years ago, sitting in the back garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon at ABITZA. I was sitting with a friend and we decided to give each other a reading with a deck of Angel Cards. As I was sitting there waiting as my friend shuffle the cards, I felt my intuition start up, so for once I allowed myself to relax into the feeling.  I was prompted to place my hand over the cards and hold my friend’s hand. I felt myself drifting and then I heard words that I relayed to my friend. Then I sensed scenes being shown to me that I relayed to my friend.  The more I relaxed the more information the Universe provided. About 30mins or so passed and I felt myself coming back to the garden. I looked at my friend and we were both “stunned” by the information I spoke of. She was able to confirm the scenes that I described and the information that was given.

So in a nutshell, I offer the client a blend of physic/mediumship and at times healing within the reading. Which I find works well for both the client & myself as we are both sharing the Universal Light.

I am also a Reiki 2 Practitioner and Relaxation Massage Therapist.


Appointments can be made via ABITZA 9754 6850 or by calling me on 0414 530 621.




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