Availability: By Appointment Only
Speciality: Awareness Through Movement

Megan HopleyMegan began her Feldenkrais teacher training in October 2012. The path that lead to Feldenkrais started some twenty years earlier while practicing martial arts. Her spiritual training also began in this field spontaneously when her Sifu or teacher took her aside and shared his knowledge and experience with her. While having a great interest and enjoyment in physical movement, these practices have always gone hand-in-hand with feeling and sensing movement in the subtle energy bodies for Megan.

In 2000 Megan began her Reiki journey and completed her Reiki Master Healer training in 2005. With the opening of awareness that Reiki brought, there was a natural progression in Megan’s interest in movement. After some ten years of Wing Chun Kung Fu she explored Tai Chi Chuan for a number of years and continued with Open Sky Qigong for several more years. These practices developed and enhanced her abilities to sense energy, movement and change.

When the Feldenkrais Method came across her path, Megan was more than ready to embrace it. She’s still not sure whether she found Feldenkrais or whether Feldenkrais found her, but everything leading up to that point came together and made sense. Megan sees the nervous system as the interface between the body and soul. The Feldenkrais Method works with the nervous system in a very gentle and yet profound way. Awareness Through Movement classes facilitate ease of movement, awareness, choice and freedom. Moshe Feldenkrais had a dream of every human being on the planet fulfilling their potential. Megan feels privileged to be able to share the Feldenkrais Method with people through Awareness Through Movement classes. She loves seeing people explore the movements and discover new parts of themselves or rediscover parts they thought were lost. Megan loves seeing new patterns, states and organisations coming through in the people she works with.

To book an appointment with Megan call (03) 9754 6850 or fill in the form on our Healing Center page!

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