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Speciality: Hypnobirthing, Emotional Freedon Techniques, Lactation Consulting

Hi I am Julie,

photo_julieI am very committed to helping people heal in their lives. I believe there are many roads to healing and that it is a very individual journey/. Along that journey I believe we learn a lot about us and our lives and I know that is true for myself. I am a Registered Nurse (RN) and Midwife (RM) and for most of my working life I have worked as a Midwife. In more recent times I gained my Lactation Consultant qualification (IBCLC). I love this work and the difference it can make to couples with their newborn babies in their journey into parenting. My concern for the level of fear and anxiety surrounding pregnancy and birth has lead me to complete a course in natural childbirth. This course is Hypnobirthing Australia (HPCE).  I have looked after many couples who have birthed using these methods and it’s a lovely experience to observe how relaxed and empowered they are.
I also do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as Tapping. I have experienced some amazing results with this work and it is being well researched. EFT works well for many conditions (the mind-body connection). The other modality that I am very enthusiastic about is Energy Healing (working with the energies that are outside our bodies.) I studied this through Reconnective Healing with Dr Eric Pearl in 2008 (Level 1,11).
At first I was quite sceptical but seeing and experiencing the results was very powerful and life changing. My future plans are to continue to expand my knowledge in the healing arts and I am developing a program to work with couples with issues related to fertility.

Julie Jarrett

For further information go to my Website www.babyaspects.com.au or email babyaspects@gmail.com or call 0427138154.



Hypnobirthing is a concept of different philosophies and techniques that allow birth to be approached with knowledge, support and lack of fear. The ‘hypno’ part of hypnobirthing refers to hypnotherapy. In the course you will be taught these techniques that allow you to let go of fear and release endorphins. The birth of your baby can be a more calm and relaxed experience where you feel like you are in the driver’s seat not a passenger.

Lactation Consulting

I specialize in all area of breastfeeding, education, support and working with breastfeeding difficulties.
I run ‘Preparation for Breastfeeding’ classes and I also have a clinic with appointment times for after your baby is born.

Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT or Tapping

This therapy can bring about swift and permanent change from stress, anxiety/panic attacks, fears known and unknown, insomnia, eating disorders to name a few. Phobias and fears such as school exams, speaking in class or in public, fear of flying, spiders, etc. It has also been proven to be beneficial for physical pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), allergies, sensitivities and cancer support. The more unresolved emotional issues and old trauma you can clear the more peace and emotional freedom you will experience in your life. It is recommended to do 3-6 sessions depending on your personal progress after which time you can usually use EFT for yourself quite successfully. The Personal Peace Procedure is a self-empowering tool that you can use to manage your emotional well-being.

For more information see EFT Research- EFT Universe.

Matrix Reimprinting is a support tool for EFT. Once you have released the negative emotional charge about an event or childhood trauma using EFT then Matrix Reimprinting heals the inner child by rewriting the past to enable positive feelings of peace and empowerment which is then experienced in the now.
Energy Healing creates a deep relaxation throughout your body having a flow on effect in your daily life. I work within your electromagnetic field, tuning into healing frequencies to encourage your body’s own ability to heal and balance itself. It is a very powerful modality.

To book an appointment with Julie call (03) 9754 6850 or fill in the form on our Healing Center page! You can also her via babyaspects@gmail.com or call her on 0427138154.

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