Availability: By Appointment Only
Speciality: Tarot Reading

Gabrielle Tarot ReaderThe tarot cards are a great tool to use on any situation and Gabrielle has the uncanny ability for interpreting the meanings. Her insightful readings will allow you to seek advice and identify your truth with clarity and confidence. A new perspective is always welcome.

Tarot card reading with Gabrielle
– by Tamara Vogel

Published in Foothills – January – March 2014 edition

Meeting Gabrielle for the first time is like catching up with a long, lost friend. She has a special way of making you feel calm, at ease enough to be open to this soul searching experience.

Tarot card reading is Gabrielle’s absolute passion and I admit I am a little nervous about discovering my ‘future’.  We settle into comfortable conversation and I can tell immediately that this gifted lady has a real sense of duty to choose her words carefully. After all, she is talking to clients about the most sensitive of issues; their lives, and it’s a personal responsibility she takes very seriously. The guidance, if you are open to it, can be therapeutic, very much a healing process. “I’m not a psychic medium” she says, “I study the cards and tell you what they mean”. Sounds simple enough, but here’s where the simplicity ends and something magical comes into play.

To book an appointment with Gabrielle call (03) 9754 6850 or fill in the form on our Healing Center page!

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