Come and visitour beautiful cafe with our magical coffee garden. Our whole foods café specialises in many different food options – it’s all about choice for our beloved customers:

  • VeganIMG_6120
  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Raw Salads and Desserts
  • Ice-Cream, Gelato and Yoghurt
Abitza Dish

Our Menu

Choose from free range eggs for breakfast, flour-less chocolate cake for morning tea or organic dessert for afternoon tea. Our specials change every day for lunch and is dependent on which local produce is in season. Fill yourself with wholesome soups, fritatta or our delicious raw salads. Have a look at our wholesome food options on our Menu.

Abitza Coffee

Our Coffee

Our Coffee is sourced for us from a local Coffee Company in  based in Ringwood, Melbourne. They are a boutique coffee roaster and take a traditional approach to roasting focusing on flavour and quality. Their blend, called Melbourne Espresso coffee, is by far our favorite and we love to serve it to our customers. We are also part of the Suspended Coffee movement. Find out more about our Local Contributions

Ceylon Tea

Our Teas

Have you ever taken a sip of tea and thought of the journey those leaves took to make it to your cup? Have you thought of the many steps it took along the way?

If you have, then you might have found there are many practices that just don’t do the tea leaf justice. The tea we serve is sourced from a local gourmet tea company called Ceylon Tea Bush based in Ringwood North. Ceylon Tea Bush believes in doing the tea leaf justice. That’s why we bring you only the very best. Ceylon Tea Bush specialises in black tea, green tea, herbal and fruit infusions – all of which are available at Abitza.

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