At Abitza we strive to make the community better for those who live in it. We therefore support local businesses such as the Ceylon Tea range from Ringwood, and obtaining essential oils from Sprinfield Pty Ltd.

A big part of our contributions to the local community comes in the form of the Suspended Coffee Movement. Based on an Italian goodwill tradition, suspended coffees are pre-paid coffees purchased at a participating cafe that enables you to provide a warm cup of coffee to someone who can not afford it. You essentially purchase two coffees: one to have for yourself and one for someone who may be doing it tough. In this way you can help someone else to warm up in winter.

Another major part of our local contributions include involvement in Discover Upwey events. Through this we get the opportunity to be involved in a vast array of local community events. The events aim to improve the local community, as well as to raise awareness for the businesses you can find in Upwey. The website itself also aids to help people know what there is to do in Upwey.

Sue is the also the President of the Businesses of Upwey Committee, which represents all the businesses in the 3158 postcode (Upwey).

We firmly believe that every little bit can make a difference. If we all do our part, the difference we make will be bigger than doing it alone. We are always looking for more opportunities to give back to our local community. Contributions such as these help to support those in need, and help to develop the community we live in.

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